HUMANITIES 314  –  THE ARTS  & SOCIAL PROTEST                   

FINAL EXAM ESSAYS     May 2011          DUE:     By  May 16

 Submit with the Reflections Journal to the office of Dr. Caldwell —  Library  F507 (between 12 noon and 6 pm)

ESSAY #1 — A Political and Cultural Critique:   Describe the impact of aesthetics and visualization upon social consciousness and social action.  What do the pictures of the following events and people (choose at least 4 from the list below – available on the internet & in libraries) communicate about the continuity of torture and terror within the evolution of humanity?

*African American Enslavement

The Spanish Civil War

*World War II Concentration Camps


*Emmett Till



*Rwandan Massacres

*Prison Scandals in California

*The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

*Prison Scandals in Iraq

*The Situation Room Photograph

(*Any other examples will be welcome.)

Can humanity hide in an interdependent world?  Can humanity be reconciled to truth?  What is the ethical response to these significant events?  What is the moral imperative?  Give arguments both for and against the censorship of aesthetic imagery.  Is art capable of effecting social change?    Relate your response to the “Evolving Class Vision Statement,” chapters 7 & 10 of the Reed text, and comments and links on the class web site..

Incorporate a creative, aesthetic dimension in your response, if possible.   Possible creative responses –

  1. Create a collage with appropriate imagery and text that relates to the above.
  2. Create an informational map of the human body that clearly illustrates the deterioration caused by torture.
  3. Write a poem, or a play, or a song, or a letter to the Iraqi people.
  4. Create a poster, or a comic strip.

Provide appropriate documentation of the sources that you use.   Also see


Essay #2:   From the perspectives you have gained from the assigned texts, class panels, personal protests, answer the question:  Is it possible to reinvent society?


(at least 7 paragraphs)



ESSAY 3:   Identify THREE of the Personal Protests or ONE Panel that made an impact upon you (other than your own).   What was the impact, and why?   How do the presentations relate to any of the theories of protest and aesthetics and other issues presented in class readings (e.g.Davis; Thoreau; hooks; Reed;  Caldwell)?


4.   Short answer:   What would you like to add to the class Evolving Vision Statement?


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