The Sermon On The Mount (Matthew 5-7, AD 30) and The Sermon On The Plain (Luke 6)

Questions raised by the Manifesto:

1) Are these two different speeches that took place on separate occasions?

2) Are the two gospels referring to the same speech?

3) Is the message in the manifesto relevant to us in today’s time?



Questions for “What to the Slave is the 4th of July”

1. How is the 4th of July different to the slaves?

2. What was the purpose of giving his speech?

3. What does he think about the 4th of July?


Questions for the Declaration of Independence:

1. Is the Declaration of Independence to be criticized for being vague if it was never meant to be a legally binding document?

2. Was the D. of I. meant to speak for the liberation of the colonies, all humans, or merely the framers and their peers?




3 Responses

  1. Scientist’s Petition Against the Use of the Atomic Bomb, 1945

    Questions raised by the Manifesto:

    1.) Were the bombings in Japan justified?

    2.) Would the USA have still won the war with out the bombings?

    3.) Should the US Government have listened to the Scientist’s and not used the a-bomb?

    • For my whole life, I have been under the impression that the US was justified in dropping the A-bomb, but after listening to the presentations, I have come to believe that the US unnecessarily killed over 100000 Japanese just so that they could send a message to the rest of the world. In high school, the reason taught for dropping the bomb was to end the war and save soldiers lives, but the Japanese were already on the run, they had nothing left; they were resorting to suicide missions. Maybe high school wasn’t the best place to reveal the truth about the horrors of wars, but I think I was cheated out of knowing the truth.

  2. Good Morning, Dr. Caldwell, I was wondering if you had given the prompt for the final essay, yet. Thank you.

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